Everything You Need to Know About Brazil’s Next Big Vacation Spot

Paraty is a very unique place. Immersed in history and tradition, the city is a fine example of Portuguese colonial legacy and indigenous heritage.

As the main port for gold trade in colonial times, the cultural richness of the city is only measurable by experiencing the old town—with its perennial flooded streets and cobblestone pavements, it’s like a little tropical Venice.

Go to the islands, visit sugarcane farms, explore the forests and their natural wonders, visit indigenous tribes, and be amazed by the natural and cultural heritage of one of the most charming cities on Rio de Janeiro’s green coast.

Where to Stay

casa turquesa room view

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Casa Turquesa
An imposing mansion in the old town, Casa Turquesa is a fine example of wonderful restoration with sophisticated interior design. Drawing from the building heritage, the spaces and nine suites are spacious with beautiful Brazilian-designed furniture and are decorated with local art enlivening every room.

casa mar paraty

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Casa Mar Paraty
Casa Mar Paraty is a charming guesthouse that will spoil your tropical senses. Set on a hilltop at Praia Grande, overlooking the emerald coast, the place is a gem. Spacious and airy rooms give you that wonderful feeling of being home away from home—the views from the pool are breathtaking.

casa em paraty

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Casa Em Paraty
Located in the spectacular Saco do Mamanguá in Paraty, the mansion has its own private beach and is fully staffed. The six suites are spacious with great views, and the décor is inspired by the natural elements: bamboos, straw, wood, and rocks.

Where to Eat

quintal das letras restaurant paraty

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Quintal Das Letras
At the wonderful Pousada Literária, the restaurant is a blissful space, composed of wonderful street views and wooden decor surrounded by an extraordinary garden. The service is charming and professional, and the food, under the mastery of chef Claudia Mascarenhas, is an excellent showcase of Brazilian cuisine and local produce. Enjoy the fresh fish dishes and the manioca ‘chips’.

refugio restaurant

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Restaurante Refúgio
This place is as unique as Paraty. Indeed, the wonderfully decorated restaurant abuses of its charm—wooden furniture, candelabras and quirky decorative elements create the unique atmosphere that makes for a wonderful candlelit dining experience. The menu is composed of traditional Brazilian classics: the giant flambé prawns are a must.

Where to Shop

Armazen Paraty

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Armazém Paraty
For all wonderful things indigenous, this is your place. An extensive selection of handcrafted tribal objects waits for you: necklaces, bracelets, decorative straw baskets, ceramics and fabrics. This beautiful space has a photography gallery and an interesting bookstore with insightful books and documentaries on indigenous culture. Most products are exquisite and oftentimes from remote Brazilian tribes.

What to Do

Cachaca Coquiero

Photo: Courtesy of Travel Dose

Cachaça Coqueiro
We all love caipirinhas—but do you know how the sweet spirit that is the base of the drink is produced? Visiting a sugarcane plantation and distillery is an insightful and rewarding experience. See the stages of production, learn about the history of the colonial farms, and wrap it up with a cachaça tasting.

guide to paraty beach

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Boat Trips
Boat trips from the main port to the islands are a picturesque and beautiful way of seeing Paraty. The islands are a tropical paradise with good swimming and snorkeling spots. A friendly little agency is ‘Paraty Adventure.’ You can also arrange your trip directly with the local fishermen at the port—a good way to learn the local stories and support the local community.

Text by François Correia

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