31 Things To Do Before Summer Is Over

Leah Bourne

Sure, summer might not officially end until September 22, but by the time August bids adieu, let’s be real—it’s basically over. That said, we still have a solid month to take advantage of all that’s great about the season.

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From planning cocktails on a roof (tough job), doing yoga outdoors at sunrise, or spending the remaining days simply living in your denim cut-offs, here’s how to make the most of the summer you have left with 31 ideas.

1. Spend a day bike riding through your favorite neighborhood.

Get out there and explore where you live via bike (trust us, you’ll get a whole new perspective on where you live). Lock up your bike to try a cafe you’ve never been to before, and to stop into a cool few boutiques along the way.

2. Amp up your mixology skills and make alcoholic punch.

Celebrate summer with an awesomely delicious punch bowl (it’s the perfect way to bring friends together and easy to boot). Some of our favorite concoctions to whip up? The classic champagne punch bowl and sparkling pomegranate punch. You won’t go wrong with either.

3. Learn how to surf.

Now is the time to cross off all of those summer activities on your bucket list, and learning how to surf is probably one of them. There is likely a surf school at your local beach or even head to Craigslist to find a private teacher for a great rate.

4. Throw an impromptu BBQ.

You don’t have to spend weeks planning a great summer party, some of the best are impromptu, and planned at the last minute. Buy burgers, make a salad, and ask friends to bring over a copious amount of rose wine.

5. Buy something awesome—on super sale.

75 percent off Prada shoes? 50 percent off that DvF dress you’ve been eying since April? Now is the time to take advantage of the super sales, and to go to town. Go straight for statement pieces, and also wardrobe staples you’ll be able to wear into fall.

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6. Try an out-there ice cream flavor.

From bacon to basil, ice cream flavors are getting more and more out there, and we can’t get enough. You can even find flavors like avocado, purple yam, and Thai tea in the grocery store aisles these days.

7. Take a road trip.

Don’t have the time (or money) to plan an extravagant summer vacation? No problem. Instead take a road trip. Look at a map for somewhere no further than an hour and a half drive from where you live (that way you can do the trip in a day) and explore somewhere new.

8. Live in your cutoffs.

If we had to name one “it” item this summer, it’s definitely denim cutoffs. Don’t apologize for your unabated love for yours, and go to town living your favorite pair for the rest of the summer. You might just be surprised by how many outfits can incorporate cutoff shorts.

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9. Find yourself a summer theme song.

Whether its Calvin Harris’ “Summer” or Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” find yourself your song of summer, and then don’t be ashamed to listen to on it on repeat for hours at a time.

10. Find the perfect lobster roll.

If one food is synonymous with summer it’s definitely the lobster roll. Spend the remaining days of summer taste testing various options (restaurants, food trucks, and a DIY recipe) for the ultimate foodie summer experience.

11. Just say no to closed-toed shoes.

You have all winter long to wear pumps and ankle boots. Make the most of the remaining warm days and wear only your favorite sandals.

12. Go berry picking.

Find a spot where you can go raspberry or blueberry picking, and then use the ingredients you’ve picked yourself to make something sweet.

13. Clean out your closet for fall.

Admit it: You’re already thinking about the things that you want to scoop up for fall (motorcycle boots, a statement coat, a wool asymmetric skirt). Chances are, your closet is already packed to the brim, so use this time to clean it out in anticipation of your fall additions. Then, donate your rejects to charity.

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14. Play hooky, and spend the entire day at the park.

If there’s a time to play hooky from the office, it’s during one of those perfect summer days when it’s not too hot, not too humid, and when you can spend the entire day in the park. We won’t tell.

15. Go to an outdoor concert.

What is it about concerts that seem so much better when they’re outside? Whether you’re watching your local symphony at a free show or going to see Katy Perry at an outdoor arena, an open-air concert is an essential this summer.

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16. Go on a ferris wheel at night.

Have a nostalgic summer evening, heading to a local carnival with that special someone in your life, and taking a ride on the ferris wheel. We won’t judge you for pausing for a selfie.

17. Find a hammock and take a nap.

Summer should be all about relaxing. So find a hammock, bring a book, unwind, and don’t feel bad if you end up dozing off for an hour (or two).

18. Spend a week wearing all of your favorite summer dresses.

Chances are you have a closet full of cute summer dresses that you haven’t worn that much. Take a week, and wear five of your favorites. Who cares if you show up a bit overdressed for the office.

19. Have a tie-dye party.

Tie-dye is all the rage this summer. Invite some friends over, play some tunes, and tie-dye things like white tee-shirts, jeans, and even your sheets.

20. Become a bookworm for the weekend.

Have a book you’re dying to read, but haven’t been able to make time? Now’s your change. Here’s our list of the 10 best books of summer. 

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21. Go to town with pool toys.

We’ll be the first to admit it: We’re obsessed with pool toys. Go to town in the last days of summer filling up your pool with everything from a swan to pretzel. Don’t have a pool of your own? Bring some toys over to a friend’s house or head over to a public outdoor pool.

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22. Spend a day at the water park with friends.

Haven’t been to a water park in ages? Add this item to you bucket list. Get together a group of friends and wile away an afternoon alternating between the lazy river and sky-high sides.

23. Rock a retro bathing suit.

Retro one-piece bathing suits are all the rage this summer. Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe or Bettie Page, rocking one of these options poolside before it’s too late.

24. Drink on a rooftop.

You know it’s in your head that your drink tastes better on a rooftop, but it doesn’t matter, your drink simply does taste better on a rooftop. Settle into a picturesque seat at your favorite high-up watering hole before it’s too late.

25. Have a technology-free day.

Summer is about pool days, hiking, and outdoor BBQs. It’s not about being glued to your smartphone. Looking for the perfect time to have a tech detox? Now is the time, people.


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26. Make a meal using only ingredients from the farmers market.

Take advantage of the summer’s incredible bounty from sweet corn to heirloom tomatoes, and concoct a meal using only ingredients you’ve scored from the farmers market.

27. Plan a fall trip.

Get over the “summer is almost over blues” by planning a fun fall trip, that way you’ll have something to look forward to when the leaves start to change.

28. Get in something adventurous. 

Always wanted to sky dive? What about go zip-lining? Cross something adventurous off of your bucket list this summer, and go out with a bang.

29. Dine at your favorite al fresco restaurant.

Spend a relaxing evening at your favorite al fresco restaurant. Don’t be afraid to commandeer the table, and settle in for the long haul. Hey, its summer, what else do you have to do?

30. Do yoga at sunrise outdoors. 

Get both a workout and a spiritual experience in all at once doing sunrise yoga outdoors this summer. You’ll be surprised by how many options there are—simply google sunrise yoga and your hometown to find an option near you.

31. Binge watch a new TV show.

Whether it is the new season of “Orange is the New Black” or crossing off “Twin Peaks” from your must-watch list, spend a day binge watching a TV show during one of your summer days off.

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