15 Things Every Single Fashion Blogger Has on Her Desk

Kristen Bousquet
15 Things Every Single Fashion Blogger Has on Her Desk
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Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, we’re pretty much inundated with perfectly-designed desk spaces from every blogger we follow. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but can’t help but think there’s some type of formula that every fashion blogger under the sun sticks to when crafting their workspace (a small vase of flowers? Check! Monogrammed coffee mug? Obviously! Pink and gold everything? Yup!)

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Here, we’ve rounded up the 15 things literally every blogger has in their home office. Click through the slideshow to check them out, and let us know if you’re ready to see some new design inspo!

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1. Anything and everything that's pink and gold. Like, if it's pink or gold just toss it on your desk. Photo: Shay Cochrane Photography

2. What blogger desktop would be complete without fashion books nobody will ever read? Photo: Pink Peonies

3. A giant Mac computer—you can't Photoshop as well on a Dell, amirite? Photo: Ashley Ella Designs

4. A humble but photogenic vase of fresh flowers is a must. Of course, if they're not pink or white, nobody will care. Photo: The Coveteur

5. A mini gallery wall behind that giant Mac computer. Photo: Traveling Mama

6. That obviously includes this lips print. Photo: Wall Charmers

7. Who could forget the monogrammed mug that every. single. blogger. owns? Photo: Danielle Moss Photography

8. A giant magnifying glass because, well, we're not exactly sure. Photo: Popsugar

9. A store-bought garland tassel on the wall that screams "I'm crafty!" Photo: Best Friends for Frosting

10. A furry white shag rug hanging over the back of a chair. Photo: Just Dandy

11. Perfectly coordinated stationery and desktop accessories. Photo: Best Friends for Frosting

12. The polka dot Kate Spade agenda (obviously it's gold and pink.)

Photo: Lovey Dovey Darling

13. A Diptyque candle because, yes, people actually spend over $60 on a candle.

Photo: Erika Brechtel

14. Two coffee mugs (because blogging is hard and one cup of coffee is just not enough).

Photo: Simply Jessica Marie

15. Most importantly, a magnet of Anna Wintour's face, you know, for inspiration.

Photo: Style Me Pretty

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