They’re Baaaack: OWS Returns To Zuccotti Park

Jessica Rubin

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have been relatively quiet lately. But they found reason to celebrate when the barricades finally came down at Zuccotti Park yesterday. Of course, the fight isn’t over for Occupy Wall Street-ers who are hoping to completely reclaim their spot in the heart of the financial district.

According to the New York Times blog, security guards were resistant when protesters moved their collection of books back into the park and fought with those who tried to cover themselves with blankets and cardboard to go to sleep. Two protesters who refused to get up from a bench at 2 AM were arrested.

Still, the dismantling of the barricades is a sign of victory for many, including Bill Dobbs who said, “We worked very hard to vindicate our right to protest so that our outcry about Wall Street greed can be heard.”

As Brookfield Properties and NYPD continue to enforce rules prohibiting lying down in the park, it’s inevitable that more conflicts will pop up. But it seems as though access to Zuccotti Park will breathe new life into the fledgling Occupy Wall Street movement.

Do you support the continued presence of these protesters, or are you losing faith in the movement? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Image courtesy of I B Times.