These Are The Most Stressful Careers To Have Right Now

If you’re considering a career change in 2015, you might want to look at this new study before freshening up your resume. New research released by CareerCast has ranked the most and least stressful jobs, and the results are most definitely interesting.

To come up with list, CareerCast considered different factors linked with workplace stress—including deadlines, the potential for growth and advancement, travel, and physical demands.

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Looking to avoid stress? Based on the study you should avoid a career as a firefighter, pilot, police officer, or in the military—all of which topped the list of most stressful jobs. Event coordinators came in at number eight, thanks to the strict deadlines, while reporters and journalists also made the top 10 because of factors like always being in the public eye and demanding deadlines.

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At the other end of the stress scale are hair stylists, who topped the list of least stressful jobs. According to the research, other low-stress careers include working as an audiologist, tenured university professor, medical records technician, jeweler, medical lab technician, seamstress, dietitian, librarian, and forklift operator.

While some of the results on this list seem logical (firefighters and police officers definitely have hard jobs), every workplace comes with its own unique set of problems that could raise your blood pressure. Our advice? Take a digital detox, learn some micro-meditation techniques, and learn to manage the stress in your career, because it’s almost impossible to avoid–no matter what industry you’re in.