The Thermals Release New EP


A conversation between my best friend and I regarding The Thermals:

teeeeeej:  the guy’s voice is… interesting.
me:  doesn’t it remind you of like teenage angst?
me: like… like if you were a suburban teenager you would really like this band [The Thermals]

The Thermals are a band that allow me to indulge my inner teenager (the imaginary cool, Indie version of my teenage self, not my gawky actual teenage-into-young-adulthood self) and thrash about my bedroom as I get ready for school the real world. Lead singer Hutch Harris’s voice teeters on the cusp of the teenage angst. However, the insightful lyrics and heavy themes, such as the appraisal of life, keep The Thermals from being lumped in with generic pop music for those kids who try to be, “different.”

The Thermals are a talented band and, as they were signed to Sub Pop after only a few shows. Their new EP, “Now We Can See” is out today and it’s a sign of serious musical maturity probably linked to their increase in popularity from the economic and political climate. True to their Portland pop punk (alliteration is fun!) roots, The Thermals keep the music simple to support the charged lyrics.

Speaking of The Thermals, I now have thermals on the actual mind as the weather perpetually fluctuates between, “hot in the sun,” “chilly in the wind,” and “Antarctica in the office.” I love the pack of three of Unisex Baby Thermal Long Sleeve T-shirts from American Apparel. They’re warm, but thin enough to layer underneath all the summer dresses I’ve been stowing away until I can wear them alone.

I should also point out thermals are warm enough for the last chilly days of spring and cool enough to keep you from sweating as you dance to the Thermals… See what I did there?