Theory By Olivier Theyskens On Sale Now: What We Want

Kerry Pieri
Theory By Olivier Theyskens On Sale Now: What We Want
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Olivier Theyskens designing for Theory is a game changer. It’s totally groundbreaking in the tiny microcosm that is fashion for a designer of Theyskens influence and talent to design full time not as a collaborator of some one off with mountains of PR opps behind it but to actually toil daily for a contemporary brand. It speaks to how far the idea of fashion for the masses has come.

It’s not as though the pieces are H&M-affordable, a leather is still $1K, but it’s better than Nina Ricci prices. Theory is synonymous with modern looks for the girl who has to get up and get her Pilates toned bum to the office. Theyskens had the market on beautiful, ethereal, with-just-enough-structure gowns cornered. The two stories pair beautifully in the app. 50 piece collection that takes basics and elevates them to an extremely want-worthy place.

Theyskens for Theory’s first collection went on sale today, click through for our faves and get the full story on