The Weeknd’s Fans Are Convinced His Song ‘Snowchild’ Is About Selena Gomez

The Weeknd
Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP.

If you’re looking up The Weeknd’s “Snowchild” lyrics about Selena Gomez, chances are it’s because you’re also shook at the fact that Sel’s former flame—real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye—just so happened to drop his music video for the song on her literal birthday. Coincidence? I think not.

Selena turned 28 on Wednesday, July 22. Meanwhile, The Weeknd hopped on Twitter Wednesday morning to announce that his official music video for “Snowchild” would be dropping “in a couple hours.” By Wednesday afternoon, the 30-year-old singer shared the link to the video on his social media accounts.

The anime-style music video was produced by D’ART Shtajio, the “first black owned anime studio,” according to a tweet by Tesfaye. In it, the singer cycles through past versions of himself as a performer. But fans also noticed that there are potential hints hidden in the music video—many of which seem to address his ex-girlfriend, Selena. It wouldn’t be the first time The Weeknd has referenced his ex, nor is it the first instance that fans see the similarities in Selena’s rumored songs about him.

This time around, some of those features include balloons within the very first 20 seconds of the music video for “Snowchild”—a possible reference to Selena’s birthday—whereas others noted the backdrop of several scenes appear similar to the “Lose You to Love Me” singer’s photoshoots, including houses and staircases. It’s worth noting, however, that other fans have interpreted the balloon imagery as a reference to the House of Balloons-era mixtape released by The Weeknd in 2011.

But if the music video references aren’t enough to convince you, there are still more hints that have fans talking. Namely, Selenators know that their idol has said that “Snowchild” was her favorite song by The Weeknd in the past. In fact, the singer even listed the track on her official “Cooking Together” playlist on Spotify in April.

Even though it’s been over three years since Selena and The Weeknd dated in 2017, the potential references to each other in their music still haven’t let up. Whether it leads to a rekindled romance or friendship, we’re all for it. But see the hints for yourself: Keep on reading for The Weeknd’s “Snowchild” lyrics and music video, below.

Verse 1

I used to pray when I was sixteen
If I didn’t make it, then I’d probably make my wrist bleed
Not to mislead, turn my nightmares into big dreams
Whole squad mobbin’ even though we only six deep
I was singing notes while my niggas played with six keys
Walking in the snow before I ever made my wrist freeze
I was blowing smoke, had me dizzy like Gillespie
Niggas had no homes, we were living in the dead streets
You couldn’t find me like I’m Hoffa
Cover girls jumping out the page like they pop ups
Spending all my money on these niggas that I brought up
Taking care of families for my brothers when they locked up
And I had nothing to believe in
Double cup leanin’
Couldn’t even breathe and
For that money I was fiending
Cali was the mission but now a nigga leaving


Leaving, leaving into the night
Now a nigga leaving, leaving
Leaving into the night, oh

Verse 2

She like my futuristic sounds in the new spaceship
Futuristic sex, give her Philip K dick
She never need a man, she what a man need
So I keep on falling for her daily
We was at Coachella going brazy
Stack a couple M’s like I was Shady
Now I’m in Tribeca like I’m Jay-Z
Rockin’ Sorayama like he pay me
I just signed a new deal with Mercedes
Got me movin’ dirty like I’m Swayze
All my diamonds dancing like they Swayze
All my diamonds hitting like they Swae Lee
Jet so big got a business and a coach
Always livin’ on the road, rockin’ Louis à la mode, nigga
And for that money, I been fiending
Cali was the mission, but now a nigga leaving


Leaving, leaving into the night
Now a nigga leaving, leaving
Leaving into the night, oh


Twenty mill’ mansion, never lived in it
Zero edge pool, never dipped in it
Superstar neighbor in my business
Paparazzi tryna catch me slippin’ and
Going on tour is my vacation
Every month another accusation
Only thing I’m phobic of is failing
I was never blessed with any patience


So a nigga leaving, leaving, leaving into the night
Now a nigga leaving, leaving
Leaving into the night, oh