The Weeknd Shades Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson on Instagram

Ariana Grande and The Weeknd
Photo: Getty Images

For most people, Insta-stalking is a fun and mindless (albeit a little creepy) way to pass the time. Usually, when Insta-stalking, you’ll wind up on your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s husband’s account after a couple hours of digging. But one Instagram user took it to the next level.

According to the internet, The Weeknd was being shady this week. (Nothing new here.) Though the singer usually sticks to vaguely offensive song lyrics to speak his mind, directed most often at his exes, this time, he took to Instagram to subtly share his thoughts…about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s recent engagement.

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When TMZ posted an Instagram announcing Grande and Davidson’s engagement, fans started sharing their thoughts in the comments below. One user (savagely) commented, “I’m calling it now. He is either going to end up with a restraining order from her, or he will end up pulling an OJ Simpson. This is not going to end well.” Pretty harsh, right?

Apparently, The Weeknd didn’t think so. A tweet later posted by The Pop Hub reveals that the singer “liked” a comment in response to that one, reading “😭😩.”

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The Weeknd, 28, and fellow singer Ariana Grande, 24, have no romantic history, although they did collaborate on the hit song “Love Me Harder” in 2014. So why the shade? It’s possible that The Weeknd just thought the comment was funny, but it’s unclear whether there’s any further motive.

Hopefully, Ariana and Pete don’t take offense—after all, they’re clearly still in their honeymoon stage! Let the people live.