Who Should Win ‘The Voice’? Weigh In Now!

Julie Gerstein

The Voice - Season 5

After 12 weeks, “The Voice” contenders have been whittled down from 16 performers to the final three, and Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin, and Jacquie Lee performed one last time to win America’s votes. Each  reprised their audition song, sang a track with their respective coaches (Tessanne and Will are on Team Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine, and Jacquie is on Team Christina Aguilera), and then performed one final song to finish out the night. (Judges Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton—who won the last three years in a row—were both knocked out in previous rounds).

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Where Tessanne and Jacquie have both been frontrunners throughout the competition, Will’s journey was a bit more fraught. He began on coach Levine’s team, and was then stolen by Aguilera before being stolen back once again by Levine).  But he’s now become a fan favorite (that fact that he’s got an adorable toddler daughter that watches him in the audience every night probably doesn’t hurt).

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Jacquie is the youngest singer in the competition. At just 16 years old, she manages to express an emotional depth and range of feeling of a singer twice her age. Before appearing on “The Voice,” she’d only ever really sung at charity events in her small New Jersey town. Tessanne had a successful career in her native Jamaica (and sang backup for reggae legend Jimmy Cliff), but wants to break into the international market and is hoping “The Voice” can launch her stateside career. Will comes from a musical family—his father is Bill Champlin, of the band Chicago—and Will actually won a Grammy for songwriting in 2010.

But anyway! Back to the performances. How did they do last night? Below, the finalist’s three solo performances:

Tessane Chin–”I Have Nothing”

It takes a lot of cajones to cover Whitney Houston, because there’s a lot more that can go wrong than can go right. But Tessane actually pulled this off pretty perfectly.

Jacquie Lee—”And I’m Telling You” 

Little Jacquie Lee has a huge voice, and covering Jennifer Hudson’s “Dreamgirls” song was a good way to showcase that. We are continually amazed that such a huge voice can come from such a tiny girl.

Will Champlin—”Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”

Will covered this earworm of a song with ease, though it’s tough to say whether choosing one of the most recognizable songs on the planet will work for or against him. Either way, he’s got a totally radio-friendly voice that’s sure to have a long career.

So you tell us: Who do you think should win “The Voice” tonight?