The Vivant’s Top 10: The Weatherman’s Dress Code and Spago Revamped

Leah Bourne

01row1 popup The Vivants Top 10: The Weathermans Dress Code and Spago RevampedThe Vivant’s top ten things in the world of luxury, travel and dining that made our reading list today. See something that should have made the cut? Tweet us @TheVivant with the hashtag #VivantTop10.
A revamped Spago returns. [The New York Times]
The weatherman’s dress code. [The New York Times]
Did hurricane Sandy ruin Halloween? [Eater]
Impact of Sandy on Atlantic City. [Eater]
The retail aftermath of Sandy. [WWD]
A cellphone made of marble. [Luxuo]
10 last minute Halloween costumes you already have in your closet. [Stylecaster News]
The glow in the dark car. [The Wall Street Journal]
Inside Crockett & Jones. [A Continuous Lean]

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