The Vivant’s Top 10: Shopping Habits of World’s Richest Pets and the Life of a Yacht Chef

Leah Bourne

pet hotels 432810 The Vivants Top 10: Shopping Habits of Worlds Richest Pets and the Life of a Yacht ChefThe Vivant’s top ten things in the world of luxury, travel, and dining that made our reading list today.
The luxe life of a yacht chef. [Eater]
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Kimberley Ovitz 3-D jewelry collection. [Fashion Week Daily]
A peak into Balenciaga’s intensely private world. [The New York Times]
Is it possible to live in Manhattan for $900 a month? [Business Insider]
Private luxury cemeteries a growing trend in Indonesia. [New York Daily News]
20 most expensive cities for luxury rentals. [Business Insider]
Luxury cars buy into the downsizing trend . [NBC News]
Bringing White House style home. [The Wall Street Journal]
A sculpture garden on view. [The New York Times]
Shopping habits of the world’s richest animals. [Racked]