The Vivant’s Top 10: Brussels on a Budget and Ferrari Repositioning

Leah Bourne

Brussels_Great_Marked_SquareThe Vivant’s top 10 things in the world of luxury, travel, and dining that made our reading list today.
5 stylish bridesmaids looks to suit any wedding. [StyleCaster]
The frugal traveler in Brussels. [The New York Times]
The ultimate luxury submarine yacht hybrid. [Business Insider]
Watch a woman throw a fit for free Dunkin Donuts. [Eater]
French police destroy more than one million fake handbags. [ABC]
BMW gains lead in luxury car market. [Bloomberg]
10 great places to travel to this summer. [Remodelista]
Fashion industry veterans share the one thing they can’t live without. [GQ]
The new cachet of Made in China. [The Wall Street Journal]
Ferrari repositions itself. [The FT]

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