‘The Simpsons’ and Fashion: Shop 19 Cool Pieces Inspired by the Iconic Show

Meghan Blalock
‘The Simpsons’ and Fashion: Shop 19 Cool Pieces Inspired by the Iconic Show
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“The Simpsons” is officially the longest-running show of all time, celebrating 25 years on the air this year. The American public and the world at large has been watching Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie, and the rest of the animated gang live out their hilariously zany lives for longer than Miley Cyrus has even been alive. Let that sink in!

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To celebrate the milestone anniversary, the show has teamed up with a number of cool street style brands on a hefty number of really cool pieces, from T-shirts and sweatpants to wallets and iPhone cases. From street artist Shepard Fairey’s witty take on Homer’s trademark phrase “Dope!,” to streetwear label Eleven Paris’ super-cool abstract prints of the characters, all these pieces are super cool and wearable.

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Click through the gallery above to see our 19 favorite pieces from all the collections!

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Shopping 'The Simpsons': click through the gallery to see 18 stylish pieces paying homage to the iconic show!

Bart face crewneck, $141; at Joyrich

Bart full zip hoodie, $266; at A Bathing Ape

Simpsons tee, available this Spring; at Eleven Paris

Converse sneaker, $60; at Journeys

Bart tee, $99; at Uniqlo

Bart face wallet, $110; at Joyrich

Bart face sweatpants, $141; at Joyrich

Worst T-shirt ever, $10; at Threadless

Simpsons boyshorts, $8; at Topshop

Bart face jacket, $286; at Joyrich

Varsity jacket, $307; at A Bathing Ape

Converse All-Star Bartman sneaker, $60; at Journeys

Homer tee, $13; at Threadless

Mr. Sparkle tee, $99; at Uniqlo

Simpsons pajamas, available this Summer; at Topshop

Bart snapback, $66; at Joyrich

Homer "dope" tee, Shepard Fairey; available this Summer

Savage tee, available this Spring, at Eleven Paris

Crewneck, $163; at A Bathing Ape

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