The Ragged Priest Jeans: Making Kitsch Cool


Photo: The Ragged Priest

As an unapologetic fan of all things kitsch, I see absolutely no problem with wearing jeans with rainbows on the ass. Or jeans embroidered with fruit. I’m even game to rock a pair that are ripped at the knee and printed with the words Total Mess. I’m not being hypothetical here; I’m talking about denim styles from The Ragged Priest, a U.K. brand that’s part of a new wave of what I like to call “defiant fashion”—young, cool labels that don’t give AF.

And while The Ragged Priest sells more than denim (oh hey, unicorn-embellished leather moto jacket), I’m particularly drawn to the jeans, thanks to their perfect mix of ’70s silhouettes, silly graphics, and super-current styling.

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Photo: The Ragged Priest

Some might say pieces like these are best reserved for Charli XCX wannabes, but then, I’d wager those people don’t follow fashion.

During the last few seasons, we’ve seen top labels have fun with being, well, fun. Think Anya Hindmarch’s cheeky leather stickers; Jeremy Scott for Moschino’s love of all things SpongeBob, Barbie, McDonald’s, and teddy bear; even Karl Lagerfeld joined the party with Fendi fur monster charms meant to dangle from your serious handbag. And let’s not forget the colored fur. So. much. colored. fur.

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Photo: The Ragged Priest

There are people who would say jeans embroidered with claws flipping the bird are not the most appropriate buy for an adult, but I disagree—not only do they add an eye-catching pop of humor to an otherwise standard piece, they’re right in line with fashion’s current disposition.

At around $100 a pair, they’re not exactly an impulse buy, but they’re a hell of a lot cheaper than snagging that Moschino pair that also has rainbows on the ass.

Down with these? You can shop The Ragged Priest online and at ASOS, and while you’re at it, why not follow their cool Insta account too?

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Photo: The Ragged Priest