Sacrilege: The Prayer Hands Emoji is No More

A perfectly good reason to flip the hell out? When your favorite emoji disappears, only to replaced by a newer, more unfamiliar, lamer version. That’s what happened this weekend with the ubiquitous prayer hands icon, and people are pisssssssed.

prayer hands emoji change

According to Emojipedia, the new version of the iPhone’s operating system altered the design of the praise-hands graphic, removing the surrounding bursts of light, and adding a corn-on-the-cob-colored tint to the hands. The reason? Unclear, but some folks have sworn up and down that the original version wasn’t praying hands but rather two palms high-fiving so the change could have been done for clarity’s sake. Or not.

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Whatever the case, people have taken to Twitter and pledged their allegiance to iOS 8.2, vowing to not update their systems if it means new prayer hands.