The One Thing I’d Never Wear, From 14 StyleCaster Editors

The One Thing I’d Never Wear, From 14 StyleCaster Editors
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Let’s not kid ourselves: Each and every one of us use fashion as a means of sending unspoken messages about who we are, or—at least—who we want to be. Usually, that message changes as we get more mature, as trends fall in and out of favor, as we experiment with different looks, or our general taste just shifts.

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While most fashion-loving women will cycle through a variety of new styles in her lifetime—our perception of desirable clothing is constantly changing with time—there’s always that one specific item we develop a strong aversion to, one that seems to stick with us through the years.

At StyleCaster, we recently got into a conversation about the one thing we’d never wear, and we thought we should get a larger conversation going.

Keep in mind, these aren’t items we’re telling you—or each other—not to wear. We’d never ever laugh at anyone else from wearing these things—most are quite stylish, they’re just not pieces that jive with each editor’s personal style.

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Click through the gallery to see the one thing 14 StyleCaster editors would never wear, and definitely let us know in the comments the things you’d never wear—we really want to know!

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Long denim skirts 
You'll never catch me in a long denim skirt. I don't think they look cool on anyone except maybe a very specific Ralph Lauren model, with a popped-collar blouse and an armful of Southwestern jewelry, which isn't my style anyway. I didn't even like them this Spring when Chloe showed them paired with easy sweatshirts and gladiator sandals. Nope, sorry.
—Perrie Samotin, Site Director, StyleCaster 

A beret
I'd never, ever wear a beret. It's a hat that serves no purpose and almost everyone who's seen in them (poor souls) have them pulled too far down on their foreheads or are clearly attempting to tilt them just right. If you're wearing a beret, you're trying too hard, simple as that.
—Rachel Adler, Beauty Director

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Cap sleeves
Season after season, the cap-sleeve trend comes back in different ways, and season after season I'm nauseated at the sight of such an unflattering silhouette. Unless you have perfect stick thin, toned arms you probably won't look good in a cap-sleeve top.  They make the torso look round, arms look bigger than they are, and are often too princess-y for a grown woman to wear. Is that top sleeveless? Is it a sleeve? Make a decision already you tiny, useless cap!
—Samantha Lim, Features Director

The color orange 
There's more than a few of things I would not wear, but one of the heaviest hitters? The color orange. I cringe at the thought of it. I absolutely will never, ever be seen in anything orange. It's basically offensive to me. It's way too reminiscent of a pumpkin, and it's far too bold (in the wrong way) for my taste. Take that orange, spray paint it black, then we can talk.
Rolando Robínson, Editorial Designer 

Shower shoes
When I started to see street style photos of very stylish women wearing actual shower shoes—you know, those rubber, usually Adidas, striped sandals—out and about as if they were a trendy pair of Céline flats, I quite literally felt sick. I don’t care that they might be comfortable, might lend a fun "athleisure" edge to an outfit, they're just ugly. They might be trendy now, but I won't give in.
—Leah Bourne, Senior Editor, StyleCaster

Photo: Fash-n-Chips 

Flared jeans
I'd never wear bootcut jeans, or any jeans that aren't skinny jeans, for that matter. An awkward adolescence spent in light-wash flares has instilled in me a biological aversion to any pant leg with an ankle circumference larger than, say, seven inches. It also doesn't help that my mom has never stopped doing her part to "make flares happen." I've seen them look great on other people (read: longer-legged people), but they're just not for me. Rachel Krause, Associate Editor, Daily Makeover   Photo: Walk in Wonderland

A slogan tee
There are wittier ways to get your point across than by slapping a slogan across your chest. It doesn’t matter how many bloggers get on board with the “Célfie” shirt thing, or how many stores start stocking the trend, I will not succumb.
—Jasmine Garnsworthy, Editor, StyleCaster

Photo: Sincerely Jules

Cargo shorts
Before the world was blessed with the word “basic,” I didn’t have the vocabulary to describe how much I hated cargo shorts. First of all, why are the pockets as big as the pants, and second, where are you going that you need that much storage? There’s nothing flattering about them, and you know the guys who wear them yell at their girlfriends in public and don’t tip well. NOPE!
—Drew Tillman, Senior Branded Content Manager 

I can never, ever wear clogs. I think they take me back to the time in my adolescence where I hated every single shoe I saw when I'd go shopping. “Hate, hate, hate, hate,” I used to say as I walked down the aisle. I resorted to clogs because they were easy and there wasn’t much work in styling them. I wore various versions of them for years (some clunky, some with a back, others of that weird felt fabric that you just slipped on) and looking back, I don’t find them especially flattering on me.  That’s not to say I won’t wear a slide or a mule—but if it falls under the most obvious genre of a clog, I won’t be wearing them any time soon.
—Victoria Moorhouse, Associate Editor, Beauty High

Halter tops
I'd never wear a halter top. My ‘girls’ don’t support such a small piece of clothing, it brings them down. It even says so in the name: “HALT-her! She should not be wearing that!"
—Tiffany Hagler-Geard, Photo Editor, SheKnows

Tulle skirts
I HATE super full, knee-length, pink tulle skirts. They're way too girly for my taste. I'm not opposed to feminine things in general—I actually love skirts, makeup, and heels but tulle skirt in baby pink is basically my worst nightmare. I think it's less about how it looks, and more about what it says, "Hey, look at me, I'm a princess!" CRINGE.

This all stems from my own issues and perceptions. I've always rebelled against society and the projection that women are just pretty, fragile beings.
—Candace Napier, Editorial designer

Photo: Make Life Easier

Lace anything
I know everyone thinks lace is so pretty and delicate yet sexy and demure, but to that I say nope, not at all. Whenever I pick up anything that's made of lace, I can't help but think of funerals, doilies, mother-of-the-bride dresses, and tablecloths. In just about any color, lace gives me a queasy feeling that I just can't seem to avoid. No matter what designer is showing, you'll never catch me in a lace ensemble.
—Liv Kelleher, Editorial intern

Photo: Gastro Chic

Harem pants. 
Oh for real: I have STRONG opinions about harem pants. The term itself makes me raise a brow (or two). And I’ve read The Man Repeller’s very early-life memoir (because she’s like 27 or something now?) in which she describes a pair of Zara harem pants that were like that one item of clothing that caused men to double-take in a “Now there’s a girl who’s going places!” kind of way. I do not understand this.

At 5’2, with hips and a butt and not much up top to speak of, these hip-amplifying trousers basically make me look like a walking parentheses, or more accurately– the back/feet portion of a two-person horse costume.
—Sable Yong, Editor, Beauty High

Photo: Street Peeper 

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