You Can Totally Recreate Scenes From ‘The Notebook’ With This Romantic Getaway

Aramide Tinubu
The Notebook
Photo: New Line Cinema.

Since 2004, every time we’ve needed a brutal, ugly cry, or if we wanted to believe in romance again, we turned on The Notebook. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams slayed our lives as Allie and Noah. Now you can recreate scenes from The Notebook, with an insanely romantic hotel package. You and your bae, might not be star-crossed lovers living in the 1940s–separated by war and family, but you can probably pull off an epic rain kiss either way.

For those of us who will be forever obsessed with The Notebook and that stunning white house, HarbourView Inn in Charleston, South Carolina is legitimately offering fans and travel fanatics the ultimate Notebook romance package. For the tiny sum of $2,000, you can dive into your own version of The Notebook with Allie & Noah’s Timeless Romance Experience. So what exactly, do you get in this package? Unfortunately, Allie’s epic 1940s wardrobe isn’t included, but you will get to see all of The Notebook’s filming locations and get catered on hand and foot.

So picture this, as soon as you arrive at HarbourView Inn, you’ll see a dozen roses set up in your room. Cute. Your room, of course, will be one of the best the Inn has to offer. The Grand HarbourView Rooms have gas fireplaces, private furnished balconies, and epic views of the Waterfront Park and Pineapple Fountain. At night, the Inn offers rose petal turndown service with a bottle of sparkling wine.

the notebook 1 You Can Totally Recreate Scenes From The Notebook With This Romantic Getaway

Image: New Line Cinema.

After settling in, you’ll embark on a little activity to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream ($25 gift card included). If you recall, this is where Allie licks ice cream off of Noah’s face. (Sigh). From there, things get even more fairytale-like. There will be a carriage ride for two around the historic district. This is where the characters went to the movies and laid in the streets after. Honestly, it would be perfect for a proposal because you can have a personalized romantic displayed on the marquee of the American Theatre.

Additionally, the package offers, two tickets and private transportation to Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens (Allie’s summer home.) There is general admission for two to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens complete with a house tour and Audubon Swamp Garden tour. This the place where Allie and Noah have that stunning swan-filled boat ride. (Sadly, we don’t think the swans are included.) And for dinner, there is aa $100 gift card for dinner at High Cotton. (The place where Noah first sees Allie again.)


So if you want to do more than watching The Notebook for its 15th anniversary, check out the package. Mark Henry, general manager of Charleston’s HarbourView Inn, told Lonely Planet,

This was a chance for us to highlight Charleston and the quintessential romance of the south. Our team at HarbourView Inn has always strived to provide a bespoke, service-oriented Charleston experience and curating a package that gives guests the ability to recreate what has become one of the classic romance movies of the current generation was yet another way to offer a unique opportunity to our guests.