20 Amazing Fashion Moments From The Cannes Film Festival

Spencer Cain

Every year around this time, we tend to get a bit sad thinking about the fact that red carpet season has officially concluded, and we only have a summer of lackluster movie premieres to look forward to. But then we remember: The Cannes Film Festival is on the horizon!

Held every May, Cannes is one of the most prestigious film festivals around, evidenced by the scores of A-listers that flock to France with tons of couture and high-style outfits in tow.

With the festival officially kicking off tomorrow, we decided to celebrate by taking a look back at the most memorable fashion moments on Cannes’ countless red carpets. From Diane Kruger‘s jaw-dropping Christian Dior gown she wore last year to Madonna‘s intricate beaded Chanel ensemble that she rocked back in 2008, there’s no shortage of over-the-top fashion statements at Cannes.

Something about the chic French air clearly makes everyone cast aside their desire for comfort and throw on a gown with more sequins than New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

Click through the slideshow above for the most memorable Cannes fashion!

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