The Most-Googled Fashion Questions of 2014

Most Googled search terms of 2014.


Google’s 14th Annual “Year in Search” results have just been released, and it reveals what we all looked up in 2014, including the top trending fashion question you asked. First on the list is “how to wear a scarf,” followed by what to wear to a wedding, what to wear to a job interview, what to wear on a first date, and what to wear to a concert.

But it’s not just special occasion-style that we needed Google’s help on this year. Ways to wear wardrobe staples also topped the list, with “how to wear a beanie,” and “what to wear with leggings,”and “how to wear ankle boots,” coming next on the lineup of most-searched fashion questions.

Most Searched Google Terms of 2014


We also spent time this year searching for celebrities’ red carpet style. Unsurprisingly, of all this year’s outfits, Rihanna‘s were the most searched (her nipple-baring look at the CFDA Awards probably helped), followed by red carpet snaps of Lorde, Lupita Nyong’o, Madonna, Pharrell Williams, Zendaya, Ben Kingsley (?!), Solange Knowles, LeBron James and Kesha.

It also looks like 2014 was a good year for Googling Jennifer Lawrence. Between a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it romance with Chris Martin, and the release of the latest “Hunger Games” flick, Jen managed to get the edge over runner-up Kim Kardashian as the most-searched celebrity of 2014 (Kim and Kanye‘s wedding did come out on top as most searched celebrity wedding however.) Tracy Morgan, Ray Rice, Tony Stewart, and Iggy Azalea followed next on the roundup of searched celebrities.

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Clearly the lists of most-searched celebrities and red carpet looks aren’t all that shocking—these are the moments we remember talking about all year. What did surprise, however, were the fashion designers who trended. Aéropostale came in first place as the designer you wanted to know more about this year, probably thanks to the mall staple’s collaboration with mega-vlogger Bethany Mota, who has over two million Twitter followers and nearly 4.5 million on Instagram.

Kate Spade came in second, followed by Oscar de la Renta (who passed away this year), Rachel Roy, L’Wren Scott, Valentino, Alexander Wang, and prom staple Sherri Hill. Edith Flagg, a 94-year-old fashion designer who pioneered the use of polyester and passed away in August, rounded out the list.

Absent from this year’s list of trending designers are Versace and Michael Kors, Prabal Gurung and Givenchy, who were trending on the 2013 list, but seemed to have slipped this year.

Below, a few most-searched terms of the year, and be sure to head over to Google to see the full list!

Top 10 Trending People in the U.S.
1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Kim Kardashian
3. Tracy Morgan
4. Ray Rice
5. Tony Stewart
6. Iggy Azalea
7. Donald Sterling
8. Adrian Peterson
9. Renee Zellweger
10. Jared Leto

Top Trending Actresses in the U.S.
1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Renee Zellweger
3. Betty White
4. Ellen Page
5. Kim Novak
6. Margot Robbie
7. Jacqueline Bisset
8. Lena Dunham
9. Melanie Griffith
10. Lea Thompson

Top Trending Actors in the U.S.
1. Jared Leto
2. Matthew McConaughey
3. Macaulay Culkin
4. Chris Pratt
5. Theo James
6. Ansel Elgort
7. Jamie Dornan
8. Alfonso Ribeiro
9. James McAvoy
10. Laurence Fishburne

Top Trending Artists in the U.S.
1. Iggy Azalea
2. Lorde
3. Sam Smith
4. Meghan Trainor
5. Solange Knowles
6. Nicki Minaj
7. Weird Al
8. Sia
9. Daft Punk
10. Taylor Swift

Most Searched Female Stars in the U.K.
1. Beyoncé
2. Jennifer Lawrence
3. Katy Perry
4. Ariana Grande
5. Taylor Swift
6. Katie Price
7. Nicki Minaj
8. Selena Gomez
9. Mary Berry
10. Emma Watson

Most Searched Male Stars in the U.K.
1. Ed Sheeran
2. Jay Z
3. Harry Styles
4. Benedict Cumberbatch
5. David Beckham
6. Pharrell Williams
7. Zac Efron
8. Robbie Williams
9. Justin Timberlake
10. George Clooney

Trending Red Carpet Dresses in the U.S.
1. Rihanna Red Carpet
2. Lorde Red Carpet
3. Lupita Red Carpet
4. Madonna Red Carpet
5. Pharrell Red Carpet
6. Zendaya Red Carpet
7. Kingsley Red Carpet
8. Solange Red Carpet
9. Lebron Red Carpet
10. Kesha Red Carpet

Trending Celebrity Pregnancies in the U.S.
1. Mila Kunis
2. Ciara
3. Kourtney Kardashian
4. Kate Middleton
5. Kerry Washington
6. Carrie Underwood
7. Scarlett Johansson
8. Hayden Panettiere
9. Blake Lively
10. Eva Mendes

Top Fashion Questions in the U.S.
1. How to wear a scarf
2. What to wear to a wedding
3. What to wear to an interview
4. What to wear on a first date
5. What to wear to a concert
6. How to wear a beanie
7. What to wear with leggings
8. How to wear ankle boots
9. How to wear a maxi skirt
10. What color matches brown

Top Beauty Questions in the U.S.
1. How to get rid of acne
2. How to get rid of stretch marks
3. How often should I wash my hair
4. What is bb cream
5. How to clean makeup brushes
6. How to get rid of bags under your eyes
7. How to minimize pores
8. How to shape eyebrows
9. What are freckles
10. How to apply foundation

Top calorie searches
How many calories are in a banana?

2. How many calories are in pumpkin pie?
3. How many calories are in an apple?
4. How many calories are in an egg?
 5. How many calories are in an avocado?
 6. How many calories are in a cheeseburger?
 7. How many calories are in a Big Mac?
 8. How many calories are in watermelon?
 9. How many calories are in an orange?
 10. How many calories in a slice of pizza?