The Mindy Project Was Canceled—BUT There’s Still Hope For the Show

The Mindy Project GifPhoto: Giphy

Sorry Mindy Kaling fans, FOX has decided not to renew “The Mindy Project,” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Sure, the recent third season brought in some not-so-hot ratings, but we think FOX is forgetting just how dedicated Mindy’s fans are.

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Now for the good news: This doesn’t necessarily mean the end for this show, and the sitcom is in talks with Hulu to renew for two seasons, although this hasn’t been confirmed–and hey, doesn’t everyone prefer to watch their shows online now anyway?

Season three ended with a cliffhanger back in March, as Danny jetted to India to tell Mindy’s parents he loved her after she was so nervous about them meeting. It goes without saying, we’re crossing our fingers for a positive outcome for the show–and for the storyline.