‘The Lust List’ Sketches Designer Fashion You Dream of Owning

Lust List IllustrationsPhoto: The Lust List

“If I can’t have them, I’ll draw them,” is the tagline of my latest social media obsession: An account dedicated to sketching the “It” fashion items filling your Instagram and blog feed. As someone who can, quite literally, spend hours pouring over #OOTD snaps featuring designer threads I’ll never be able to afford, I can totally get on board with this sentiment.

Sally Spratt is the insanely talented illustrator behind the account. She hand sketches the most buzzworthy fashion items each season in pencil and watercolor and then shares her art on Instagram to an audience of 107,000 followers.

She describes the account as a curated place featuring all of the pieces she lusts after. “After working in the fashion industry and being continuously surrounded and inspired by fashion and luxury items, I came to terms with the fact that my eyes were too big for my pockets. If I couldn’t have them, i’ll draw them. This began my fun little Lust List project,” Sally explained.

Like Sally, I’m chasing a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. However, while I can’t justify buying every single runway piece that I fall in love with, I can make do with one of Sally’s prints, which she sells online. I’m never going to be the owner of, say, a Chanel surfboard, but a chic, $75 illustration of the board would definitely feel right at home on my desk or hanging in my apartment.

Chanel Surfboard Illustration

Surfing With CC Print, $75; at The Lust List

Lust List IllustrationsMonday Morning Essentials Print, $75; at The Lust List