The Justin Bieber Orlando Bloom Saga Continues: Leo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan Cheered On Fight

Leah Bourne

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been following the absurd Justin Bieber versus Orlando Bloom Ibiza fight. Now, it seems there’s yet another twist to the “who provoked who?” question—there were a heck of a lot of celebrities there when this all went down.

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A source told the Daily Mirror that Bloom was dining with Leonardo DiCaprio that night, and when Bieber approached Bloom’s table apparently DiCaprio made an attempt to shoo him away. That’s apparently when Bloom decided to beeline for Bieber and try and throw a punch before security intervened.

According to the source, when Bloom threw the punch everyone in the restaurant started clapping including Lindsay Lohan, who was dining at the restaurant. Diddy was also there, but it’s unclear if he took sides.

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When the fight spilled onto the street outside of the restaurant apparently Lohan then tried to calm Bieber down (you know things are really dire when Lohan is the voice of reason).

Bear in mind this is just a report of the incident, and reps for both Bloom and Bieber have refused to comment, but it sure is juicy.

Scroll through the gallery above for all of the players in this fight and tell us whose side your on!