The Justin Bieber Guide to Loving Yourself

justin bieber no shirt1 The Justin Bieber Guide to Loving Yourself


Haters can hate, but they can’t tell me Justin Bieber’s not killing it right now. Seriously, the kid’s on top of the world musically (“Sorry” dethroned Adele’s “Hello” on the charts), socially (every girl in the world wants to get with him; he *might* be getting with hottie Hailey Baldwin), and—let’s call a spade a spade—physically. JB’s been up in the gym working on his fitness, and he’s not keeping it to himself.

During the past few weeks, the 22-year-old has been busy posting a steady stream of shirtless photos on Instagram, as well as a smattering of other snaps that clearly show he’s taking his own advice.

Behold, the Justin Bieber guide to loving yourself.


Land a CK campaign


Try to pretend it’s not an ab shot by using a cool angle.



Don’t even pretend to make a hot selfie anything other than what it is. Do not add “vibes” or another obscure Kardashian-esque caption. Let your body speak for itself.


Don’t be shy about posting two photos in a row—the people deserve to see you at every angle.


Stage an “I’m sleeping” photo shoot in your hottest underwear.


Show it off, you deserve it.


Make a sports reference while half-naked.


Ask for things without wearing a shirt.


Drop an occasional humblebrag.


Play with filters that make your skin look airbrushed.


Post cryptic photos to eff with everyone.


Have fun with #OOTD posts.


Don’t dry off before posting.


Show off those lash extensions while you got ’em!


Embrace your inner douche once in a while—you’re a star.