The Holiday A-List: Jeremy Scott’s Smart Car Has Wings, Literally

Leah Bourne

jeremy scott car The Holiday A List: Jeremy Scotts Smart Car Has Wings, LiterallyAs if we didn’t love fashion’s bad boy Jeremy Scott enough, the designer has just debuted a customized Smart Car being dubbed “Smart Forjeremy.” The car features transparent fiberglass wings with red light-up details (which also serve as break lights). The interior features white leather, diamond-shaped stitching, sleek metallic accents and a futuristic curved steering wheel. The all-electric vehicle is based on Smart’s new Fourtwo Electric Drive. Scott is the first fashion designer to adjust the exterior of a vehicle, a pretty big feat if you ask us.
The project has been in the works for a year, but you are going to have to wait  a little longer to get your hands on one, the car won’t hit the market until April and it costs $25,000.
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