The 8 Craziest Celebrity Confrontations of All Time

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The 8 Craziest Celebrity Confrontations of All Time
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We all have those people we simply don’t care for, and guess what? Celebrities do too.

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The difference between us and famous folks, though, is that we tend to confront our enemies in private, not on the red carpet or in a crowded club. Of course, when stars do face off in public, there’s nothing more entertaining (especially since there always seems to be a gossip columnist or camera nearby.)

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That said, we decided to look at the 8 craziest celebrity confrontations of all time, from singers and actresses  like Miley Cyrus and January Jones to reality starlets like Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag.

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Miley Cyrus vs. January Jones: Back in March, rumors began to swirl that trouble was brewing for Cyrus and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth. During Oscars weekend, paparazzi spotted him getting into a car with Jones and allegedly kissing her. All parties were mum on the subject, but their conflict came full circle at last week’s Met Gala where Cyrus and Jones both attended.

In fact, Life & Style reported that Cyrus stepped up her look that night (she wore a Marc Jacobs dress and seriously punky spikes in her hair) to compete with Jones. “She knew looking amazing would be a huge statement, and she wanted to come out on top,” a source claimed.

Chris Brown vs. Drake: Back in June 2012, Drake and Chris Brown made headlines after a violent confrontation at New York City club W.I.P. According to reports, Brown sent a bottle of Cristal to Drake’s table—and he immediately sent back a note to Brown that read, “I’m f*ckin’ the love of your life, deal with it,” which was about Rihanna. A screaming match ensued, followed by bottles being thrown. Multiple parties have since sued W.I.P. for negligence and overserving the musicians.

Gabriel Aubry vs. Olivier Martinez: The only thing more absurd than two grown men beating the living daylights out of each other is two grown men doing it on Thanksgiving. In the heat of a custody dispute regarding Halle Berry‘s daughter Nahla (Aubry is Halle’s ex and Nahla’s dad, Martinez is Halle’s now-fiance and father of her son Maceo), the two men duked it out outside of Berry’s house, leaving both of them with some major shiners.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Avril Lavigne: Shocker: LiLo’s been involved in a public brawl with another celebrity! Back in 2010, Lavigne reportedly (rightly?) dubbed Lohan a “loser,” and she wasn’t having it. Their meeting ground? The Chateau Marmont. They had a huge public screaming fight after Lohan approached her table to allegedly say hi to Kim Kardashian’s sort-of stepbrother (and Avril’s boyfriend at the time) Brody Jenner. Lohan tried unsuccessfully to get Lavigne kicked out.

Lauren Conrad vs. Heidi Montag: Come on, how could this reality TV fight not make the list of epic showdowns?! In season 2 of “The Hills” in 2007, Conrad and Montag, once BFFs, began to feud over Montag’s relationship with bad boy Spencer Pratt. The tensions reached a boiling point when Montag allegedly spread a sex tape rumor about Conrad.

The ladies ran into each other at hotspot Les Deux, where they began shrieking at one another and throwing accusations across the club. “You know what you did!” Conrad notoriously shouted. The two have spoken only a few times since.

Paris Hilton vs. Shanna Moakler:It was a peroxide blonde showdown back in 2006, when former beauty queen Moakler spotted Hilton at Hyde Lounge in L.A. and stormed over, accusing the heiress of making out with her estranged husband Travis Barker.

Hilton’s rep explained the events as follows: “[Paris] said she was having a conversation with [then-boyfriend] Stavros [Niarchos] and the lady came out of nowhere shouting obscenities and struck her on the side of her face by her jaw and then continued to shout at her.” Regardless of what actually went down, drinks (and elbows) were thrown.

Alec Baldwin vs. the Paparazzi: Okay, the “paparazzi” aren’t technically celebrities, but this definitely deserves its own category given the many confrontations and scuffles between Baldwin and photographers trying to take his picture. Most recently, he told a New York Post reporter he wanted to “choke her to death” and began yelling racial slurs at the photographers. Not the best look.

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LeAnn Rimes vs. Brandi Glanville: After country star Rimes broke up Glanville’s marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian, the two have been having awkward interactions ever since—especially because Glanville and Cibrian share custody of their two children.

The most recent run-in was at a little league game back in March, when the two bumped into each other in the ladies’ room and began to make faces and mutter things under their breath. This immature behavior is just one of many confrontations this duo has experienced.

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