“The Carries Diaries” Cast Weighs In on “Sex and the City,” Plus Watch the Trailer!

Spencer Cain

At this week’s premiere of “The Carrie Diaries” at the 2012 New York Television Film Festival, we got to chat with some of the young cast (and “Sex and the City” creator Candace Bushnell, which you can read about here) about their upcoming show, which, despite skepticism, is sure to be a total hit. Trust us — we watched it.

While we loved hearing about how the cast is enjoying working on the show (set in the 1980s — so neon and hair crimping is involved), we had to ask them their feelings about the series’ iconic predecessor “Sex and the City.”

Brendan Dooling, who plays Walt Reynolds — one of the young Carrie Bradshaw’s (AnnaSophia Robb) best friends (who seems to be her high school version of Stanford Blatch, if you catch our drift) said he was a little young to watch it on his own, but his mom was a big fan. “I definitely caught a few episodes with her! Samantha’s got to be my favorite character just because she was so edgy and funny and extravagant. She was always the one making me have a chuckle or two,” he said.

The adorable Stefania Owen plays Carrie’s younger sister Dorrit, and at just 14 she was unable to catch the show. “I had seen the movies before I got the part, but after I knew I had it we bought all the TV show DVDs and watched them in order. I’m addicted! My favorite character is Samantha because she’s funny and just makes the show. I don’t know who I’m most like, but I guess I’ll stick to my Bradshaw roots and go with Carrie,” she shared.

Austin Butler (the real life boyfriend of Vanessa Hudgens) plays Sebastian Kydd, who definitely is meant to resemble Mr. Big (immortalized by Chris Noth). “I had never seen it and I got the first two seasons, and I watched them in about a week, and they were incredible. I’m kind of in love with the show now.” He also added that Mr. Big was a “good guy,” although we know quite a few women who would disagree with that.

As we get excited for the show to debut on The CW in January, take a look at a full-length trailer above and let us know your thoughts!