The Broke Girl’s Guide to Gym Clothes: 40 Pieces Under $50

Kristen Bousquet

For most of us, the hardest part about getting to the gym is, well, getting to the gym. Once we’re there it’s game on, but it takes a lot of energy to commit to going after a long day at work, or before we start the day. One thing that helps? Functional (and, let’s be real, cute) workout clothes and accessories.

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However, gym memberships, personal trainers, and boutique classes can be expensive, so the amount of cash you have left to spend on new workout gear is, often, pretty minimal. That’s why we’re excited that many of our favorite fast fashion retailers have taken on workout gear and made it more attainable (and stylish!) for us.

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We’ve gathered everything you need for a successful workout from sneakers to clothing to accessories and guess what? Everything’s under $50!