The Blonds on Their Spring 2014 Collection: “We Don’t See Gender”

Meghan Blalock

One of the highlights of New York Fashion Week each season is the runway show presented by designer duo The Blonds. Ever theatrical and over-the-top, the show for the Spring 2014 season took its inspiration from two main, seemingly divergent sources: Tweety Bird and outer space.

We caught up with platinum blonde designers Phillipe and David backstage right before the show started, and they dished on everything from why they chose Tweety to their first designs for men. See what they had to say below, and then click through the gallery above to see our favorite moments from the show!

Be sure also to check out our Instagram video of the epic opening to the show, which featured the one and only Phillipe doing a left-of-center striptease.

StyleCaster: Why did Tweety Bird inspire you this season?
Philippe: He’s just so glamorous.
David: We tried to pick our five favorite blondes, from film, art, pop culture, and animation. And when animation came around, it was obvious. When Tweety Bird was created, he was called the original blonde. But the great mystique about Tweety is that he’s sort of androgynous. He is a boy, but he’s just got really pretty lashes, much like Philippe. We took inspiration from Tweety’s colors, his personality, and then we decided to add all these other blondes, like Marie Antoinette, Madonna, Jane Fonda, and Barbarella. Once we got to Barbarella, we’re like going to outer space, and we decided to do this whole thing.

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Do you have any favorite looks from this season?
P: My look! It’s a little hard, because they’re all my babies. You can’t pick from your babies.
D: There’s three really amazing points in the show. There’s our opening, then we have a center point when  Tweety really makes his presence known, and then there’s the finale, when we have the lovely Ivy Levan doing our finale walk. First time we’ve ever had… I think she was a model before she was a singer. But this is her first time on the runway. She’s incredible. We just started working with her, and she calls herself the Dame, which we love, and she’s an absolute original blonde, and she epitomizes what the collection is about, very cool.

Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, and more power divas have all worn your designs. Has anyone worn your stuff recently that just totally blew you away?
P: They all blow us away. Recently it was Barbie. And we’re doing a few projects we can’t talk about that are mind-blowing!
D: We’re actually starting to dress more guys too. G-Dragon is from this K-Pop group Big Bang, a boy band.

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Is it different, designing for men?
D: It’s not really that different. There’s a specific kind of guy that likes to wear our stuff. That’s one of the only ways that we are in any way traditional, even though we make women look like men and men look like women: we still think in terms of the person. We never really see the gender. It’s whatever makes that person look good.