15 Winter Leggings That Will Keep You Comfortable and Warm

Kristen Bousquet
15 Winter Leggings That Will Keep You Comfortable and Warm
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When it’s cold and dark during the winter and it’s can be hard to motivate yourself to leave the house at all, let alone put on a waist-restricting pair of pants or a snug jacket. Sure, during the summer it might be fun to dress up in cute outfits that show our fashion sense. But in the winter? We’ll take the closest thing to pajamas, thanks.

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The nice thing about leggings is, as much as everyone might complain that they’re not pants, pretty much everyone is wearing them anyway. And while you might not want to show up to your office party or a new job interview in mesh-lined workout pants, they’re more than acceptable for one of the few moments you can peel yourself away from a Netflix binge on the couch.

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These leggings are cute, cozy, warm, and some are even a little stylish. If you’re into the super casual chic thing, that is.

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Plus Size Garden Floral Leggings, $16 at 2020Ave.com

Surrounded by Love Leggings, $12 at 2020Ave.com

The Original Wild Cataloupe Leggings, $37 at etsy.com

Organic Cotton Tribal Leggings, $38 at etsy.com

Christmas Plaid Leggings, $40 at etsy.com

Ribbed Knitted Leggings, $29 at etsy.com

Geo Patchwork Legging, $78 at freepeople.com

Epic Clean Block Ankle Leggings, $65 at nordstrom.com

High Waist Crushed Velvet Leggings, $98 at nordstrom.com

Soft Leggings, $38 at freepeople.com

Soft Leggings, $38 at freepeople.com

Allover Reflective Raku Legging, $98 at freepeople.com

Marled Sweater Leggings; $88 at revolveclothing.com

ASOS Leather Look Leggings with Elastic Slim Waist, $35 at ASOS.com

Aerie Play High Waisted Leggings, $24 at americaneagle.com

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