The 15 Most Buzzed-About TV Series Finales Ever

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The 15 Most Buzzed-About TV Series Finales Ever
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There’s nothing more satisfying (or depressing) than seeing one of your favorite TV shows come to an end. Fans of “Breaking Bad” know that well, as the mega-sucessful AMC drama aired its series finale Sunday night to mostly rave reviews from fans and critics.

This got us thinking about other endings of great shows, and whether they lived up to viewers’ expectations, so we rounded up the 15 most buzzed-about series finales of all time, including the top three most viewed endings.

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Take a look through these memorable TV moments and tell us, did we leave your favorite show out?

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The highly anticipated series finale of "Breaking Bad" finally aired Sunday night and audiences watched Walter White finally face the consequences for his crime-laden life. Augusta Falletta—a "Breaking Bad" superfan and the associate editor at our sister site Beauty High—said "It was the best finale in TV history. Many shows are phenomenal for a time but crumble when it comes to the ending. The "Breaking Bad" finale exceeded expectations, following the rest of the series, which is hardly predictable and never disappointing." 

Families everywhere thought they lost power when the screen went black during "The Sopranos'" final scene, but it turns out it was just the end of the episode. Did Tony live? Did he die? We'll never know, but we won't stop believin'. 

In 1991 after 14 seasons, "Dallas" aired its finale. The question "Who shot J.R.?" was a running storyline throughout the series, but it ends up being J.R. who takes his life. Or did he? 

The finale of "Sex and the City" was sheer perfection. It tied up the personal relationships between each of the four characters, while still leaving an opening for a movie. And, we got to find out Big's real name

Possibly one of the most controversial finales, "Lost" left its viewers with more questions than they started the episode with. But whether you loved it or hated it, chances are you were shedding a tear during the final scene

The "Cheers" series finale remains the second-highest viewed finale in tv history with 42.4 million households tuning in to see Sam rediscover his one true love

The phrase "I got off the plane" still gives us goosebumps. And we couldn't help but feel like we were losing our real-life best friends when "Friends" finally went off the air in 2004. 

The title of highest viewed finale goes to :M*A*S*H" with 121.6 million American viewers. We dream of a day when our friends will spell out "Goodbye" for us in giant letters. 

Before there was "Friends," there was "Seinfeld," which went off the air in 1998. While it continues to be the third most viewed finale in tv, it was considered a disappointing end to many of its fans. 

The 1990 series finale of "Newhart" has long been considered one of most memorable in television history, although some critics thought it was a cop-out. Why? Because it was revealed that the entire 8-year series was just a dream had by Dr. Bob Hartley (Bob Newhart's character from his 1970s series "The Bob Newhart Show.")

Many consider the series finale of "Six Feet Under" to be one of the best. The show that centered on death didn't go off air before showing how each of the beloved characters died

The 1980s show St. Elsewhere had everyone talking with a simple but interesting idea: What if the whole show was just all part of a little boy's imagination? 

If you were a fan of the "The Office," then you know that the show went downhill fast after Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left Dunder Mifflin. For the series finale, though, he made a surprise cameo with the best line ever

When the writers of "Friends" prepared to write their series finale, they turned to other finales as inspiration. They said they considered "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to be the gold standard in finales. If you ever want to see us cry, just say "I treasure you people.

After 15 seasons, "ER" ended in 2009. Although the saddest episode remains when Dr. Greene died, 16.2 million viewers tuned in to see everything come full circle.  

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