17 Inspiring Men’s Fashion Blogs to Bookmark Now

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17 Inspiring Men’s Fashion Blogs to Bookmark Now
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Let’s face it: Most guys simply aren’t as interested in style as we are. They might enjoy the idea of fashionable clothing, but rarely do they glean as much joy from shopping and following trends as women. Not to mention, options for men are pretty limited when it comes to self expression through fashion. For example, a woman can take something like a gold lamé skirt and make it work at the office or out at night, while men don’t really have that luxury. So, as a result, most stick to the same old jeans and tees.

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However, some men do want ideas on new ways to wear things, but don’t always know where to look. This, people, is where fashion blogs come in. Girls aren’t the only stylish bloggers out there, as the number of insanely dapper male-focused fashion blogs out there are growing every day, offering a variety of street style shots, shopping advice, and styling tips for guys of all tastes.

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From New York City-based male bloggers like One Dapper Street and The Metro Man, to those who are internationally making their mark like Les Freres Joachim and Fashitects, these dudes are using their style savvy to not only blog, but also appear in magazines and sitting front row at Fashion Week just like their female counterparts. Speaking of females, there’s even a male-focused blog called Style Girlfriend that’s helmed by a gal who gives men fashion advice from a woman’s perspective.

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All in all, you have to check out these male bloggers. Whether you’re using them for inspiration on how to dress you man up or how to style some pieces you can steal from his closet, these guys know their fashion.

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One Dapper Street

Blogger Marcel Floruss moved from Germany to New York thanks to his love for fashion, which is when his blog way born. He's currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology as well as being a model, stylist and blogger. Apart from shocasing his own dapper looks, he also showcases his girlfriend, Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog.


The Metro Man

Blogger Moti Ankari defines a metro man as "a young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste" and he's surely is one himself. This New York City-based fashion lover also is lucky enough to have landed a job at GQ, and has been featured in Esquire, Topman, Business Insider and Huffington Post.


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Bryanboy—a.k.a Bryan Grey Yambao. This former web developer started his blog while living in his parents house in the Philippines, and has since become a permanent fixture in the world of fashion. Not only has he worked with just about every top brand, but he's a Fashion Week fixture, and has been featured everywhere fromVogue to WWD.


Karl-Edwin Guerre, a NYC-based photographer and blogger, has been photographing men's street style since July of 2008. Since then, he's shot for his own blog as well as the likes of GQ Japan and Marie Claire. When he's not shooting around the streets of New York, he's spending time at home with his wife and two young children in Brooklyn.

He Spoke Style

Brian Sacawa is the author and creative director of this dapper blog. Originally from Schenectady, NY, Sacawa stared off with a career in music and eventually reached success as a solo artist who has been reviewed by The New York Times and the Washington Post. Based in Baltimore, MD, he wouldn't have the quality blog he does without his amazing photographer, Rob McIver who also acts as the art director for He Spoke Style.



Scout Sixteen

Justin Livingston is the voice behind the personal style blog, Scout Sixteen, which covers everything from style to home to travel. Ask him what his three favorite things are and he'll say "whiskey, good times, and french bulldogs."

Closet Freaks

Anthony Urbano is the voice behind this personal style blog, and his work has been featured in the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Refinery 29, to name a few. 

The Three F

Filippo Fiora and Filippo Cirulli run this amazingly chic blog, which is based—where else?—in Milan. Since 2010, these gents have been sharing their personal point of view on fashion and style, and have become highly influential in their native Italy, having worked with brands such as Burberry, Cartier, Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger.


I Am Galla

Adam Gallagher started this style blog as a way to pass time after school. He stared by uploading his daily outfit onto community fashion site Lookbook, and eventually it turned into his own personal style blog. He's inspired by celebrities of yore, such as James Dean and Frank Sinatra and can't work enough Topman, Cheap Monday and All Saints into his wardrobe.

Steve Booker

Meet Steve—a lover of fashion, design, photography, technology, good food and coffee. His blog is an outlet for creativity and we sure see that through the outfit posts that he shares with his readers. He's down to earth and showcases outfits that are actually wearable for the real guy.

Edward Honaker

Edward Honaker is a San Diego-based photographer with a love for fashion, who showcases outfits and original photography work. Surprisingly, he didn't have a real interest in fashion until he was 15, but you'd never know it by the way he dresses.

Style Girlfriend

Megan Collins is the genius who started Style Girlfriend, a men's fashion blog that writes from a female perspective. It started off as a favor to a friend, next it became a syndicated newspaper column, and eventually turned into what it is today: a men's style blog written by a woman. Megan offers guy-friendly advice from the female perspective on topics from personal style and fitness to travel and food. She's worked with brands such as H&M, Visa, NFL, Rogaine, and eBay, and has also vappeared regularly in publications and websites including GQEsquireDetailsLuckyHuffington Post, and Men’s Health.


Fashion Goggled

Landon McGregor, a twenty-something living in New York City, writes this personal style blog that features outfits, musings, and plenty of well-dressed friends. 

Les Freres Joachim

The Paris-based duo is composed of Swann Joachim and Loïc Joachim, and embrace minimalist fashion. When they aren't blogging, you'll see them at Fashion Week, or getting shot by street style bigwigs like Tommy Ton. 


TSB Men is composed of author/creative director, Dan Trepanier, who went to both Columbia and FIT, photographers Alex Crawford and Westley Dimagiba and brand ambassador, Townsend Smith. Their blog has reached such success that it's been featured on The Today Show, GQ, Esquire, Details, Complex, upon many, many more. 


Toni Tran, the London-based menswear and lifestylist blogger behind Fashitects, began his blog mid-way through his first year of studying architecture. Eventually, Toni would love to release his own fashion collection, but for now focuses on showcasing killer outfits. 

Mens Style 1

Saif, a 22-year old who comes from Iraq and lives in Romania, writes this blog, which started in February 2012. Saif shares his daily outfits, and outfits he's inspired by. His blog even has a "Post Your Outfit" feature where readers can upload their own outfits to Saif's blog!

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