The 10 Best (and Bitchiest) Vine Videos From the VMAs

Well, the 2014 VMAs came and went and it’s safe to say that—compared to last year’s wild romp—this year’s show was a bit of a snooze. However, there were a few interesting moments, most of which were pretty candid and immediately caught—where else?—on Vine.

Between that face Jennifer Lopez made at Miley Cyrus, to Taylor Swift dancing like a crazy person in the audience, here are the best (and bitchiest!) Vine videos from the 2014 VMAs.

Rita Ora was terrified at Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” fiasco.

Now we know the one thing that’ll shock Miley Cyrus. 

Girls can be so fake. 

Kim, Kendall and Kylie are having so much fun. 

Sam Smith’s like “uhhhhh.”

Yes, that’s Blue Ivy dancing to ‘Flawless.’

Here’s some dancing that’s NOT flawless. 

Even Nicki’s making faces at her performance.

OMGGGG HIIII!!!!! It’s been foreverrrrrr!