Editor’s Pick: The Round Beach Towel You’re About to See Everywhere

The Beach People TowelPhoto: @the_salty_blonde

The season of beaches and picnics has officially arrived, and there’s one essential accessory we bet you haven’t thought about yet: A beach towel or picnic rug. Sure, these pieces aren’t usually considered a fashion girls’ most critical Spring accessory, but after stumbling upon one particularly cute and clever beach towel/picnic rug hybrid on Instagram, we might just have to reshuffle our shopping priorities.

The Beach People TowelPhoto: @jeslie_

The Beach People’s striking round towel is turning up on boho girl Instagram accounts everywhere, and we’re completely obsessed. In addition to being large enough to double as a picnic rug (handy!), it comes in a bunch of prints, is fringed around the hem, and is available online riiiight now. So what are you waiting for? It’s officially beach season!

The Beach People Round Towel Majorelle, $99; at Beginning Boutique

The Beach People Towel
The Beach People TowelPhoto: @kimijuan

the beach people round towelPhoto: @beckywebberley

the beach people round towelPhoto: @keelsoldaker