The Average Woman Owns $550 Worth of Unworn Clothing: What You Can Do About It


We bet half the stuff in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet still has tags on.

It’s a given that most women don’t wear everything that’s hanging in their closets but, according to new research, we actually may be hanging on to a small fortune worth of unworn items.

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A new survey of 2,137 women aged 18 and over, which was conducted by VoucherCloud (via the Daily Mail) found that the average woman owns $550 of never-been-worn clothing.

Out of the women surveyed, it seem that most of them admitted to eschewing at least 20% of their wardrobes, with coats and shoes the most commonly forgotten items. The main reasons for not wearing certain pieces? Personal preference, mostly, as 75% said they don’t wear certain items in their closet because they prefer other pieces instead, while just over half of women admitted that they stay away from items because their significant other or friends had negative reactions.

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So, why not just get rid of these items talking up valuable closet real estate? Well, it seems we’re all pretty lazy—39% of women said they “couldn’t be bothered” to clean out their closets of unworn stuff.

Truth be told, it’s probably worth your while to start—the effects of cutting clutter can do wonders, both on your mental state and on your wallet. Below, we’ve rounded up a few ways to get started. Happy spring cleaning!

1. Organize your closet in 5 simple steps (seriously!)

2. Follow this 10-Step Guide to figure out what to keep and what to toss. 

3. Check out our mega resale guide that highlights exactly where you can sell your clothes online.

4. Make a vow to only buy when you know you’ll wear going forward. Here’s a 5-step plan.