The A-List: The Chicest Party Bus Around

Leah Bourne

 The A List: The Chicest Party Bus AroundWe love a good party bus more than anyone, and The Rosebery has morphed the concept into something beyond our wildest party bus dreams. The brains behind it is Simon Davis, a journalist turned culinary consultant who co-founded the annual London Restaurant Festival. He bought a 1966 diesel-laden old commuter bus and has morphed it into a cocktail den and formal dining room on wheels. The upstairs dining room seats 22 and the bus can fit 40 for a cocktail party. The bus is all about the details. Leather seats are upholstered by the same source as Bentley cars, the ice bucket came from the House of Lords and there is a game cupboard that includes croquet, badminton, and chess.
 The A List: The Chicest Party Bus Around
The Rosebery currently lives in Oxfordshire in the UK, but is able to travel across Europe for parties. We can’t wait to hop on board!
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