The A-List: A Day Bed Built for the Jetsons

Leah Bourne

jorge govals zero day bed qf9ic The A List: A Day Bed Built for the JetsonsOne part Jetsons, one part Hugh Hefner fantasy, comes the Zero Day Bed designed for Fanstudio (which specializes in outdoor furniture) created by architect Jorge Goval. The bed is designed to imitate plants which open and close their pleats to adapt to the environment. Made of aluminum anodized, stainless steel, glass and carbon fiber, the Zero Day Bed can enclose the user with a cover made from fiberglass and carbon fiber, and protect from the sun and wind. It even rotates 360 degrees to adapt to the changing need of the user.
The interior of the bed is made of fine Italian fabrics, and it comes fitted with an integrated sound system, and a retro-illuminated champagne bucket hidden under the control area of the mattress (the selling point if you ask us).
Watch the video put together by Fanstudio to get the full effect on just how cool this futuristic piece of furniture is.
For more information on the Zero Day Bed which is available beginning in 2013 visit