The 50 Weirdest Hello Kitty Products You Can Buy

Ah, Hello Kitty. Everyone’s favorite round faced, mouthless kitten has been an iconic character since 1974, and has since amassed a pretty impressive resume. She’s got her own album, multiple theme parks, and even her own maternity ward. All without aging a day, literally. (Never mind that we recently found out that she isn’t even a kitten at all, but a teenage girl who personifies her favorite little animal.)

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Sanrio, the manufacturer behind the beloved kitty-teen, has grown her celebrity by plastering her adorable face on thousands of products worldwide. At a global net worth of $7 billion, it’s not uncommon to see various iterations of the kitten on typical licensed products like socks, makeup, and iPhone cases, but when we started digging into the fantasy world of hardcore Hello Kitty fandom, what we found was surprising to say the least. From (unlicensed) finds like breast pumps, sex toys, and box cutters to slightly off-putting items like a fully-functioning AK-47, it seems Ms. Kitty has an undeniably broad reach.

Here, we’ve dug up 5o of the weirdest Hello Kitty products you can buy.

Peruse the gallery and let us know how you would get your kitty on! 

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