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How to Ace Your Thanksgiving Dinner Look in 5 Simple Steps

Lindsey Lanquist

Who among us hasn’t dreamt of summoning fashion expert Nina Garcia each and every time we have an outfit question that needs answering? For instance, what should we wear on that date we have coming up? Or perhaps more topically, which of our many Thanksgiving outfit ideas is actually the right fit for the holiday? Consider your sartorial prayers answered—at least to some extent. Because the latest installment of Eko’s “Clothes Call” series shows you how to craft the perfect Thanksgiving outfit on a budget. And even better: It gets Nina Garcia to weigh in on every ensemble you come up with.

1. Start by anchoring your outfit with something comfy and chic.

Eko’s interactive video starts by inviting you to choose your bottom: Will you wear the understatedly stylish skinny jeans or the deceptively cozy midi skirt? You can’t go wrong with either choice. Both options offer comfort and style in equal measure.

2. Then, slip into a top that goes with everything.

From there, you’ll want to choose a top. Since it’s fall, you’ll likely want something conducive to layering. Camis, button-downs, and lightweight sweaters are all no-fail options.

3. Add another layer—it’s cold out there, after all.

It’s time to throw on some layers. Thankfully, options abound. Cardigans offer an easy way to add a little warmth (and a touch of formality) to your look. Blazers and dusters are endlessly chic options, no matter the season. And cozy sweaters are basically always a good idea when it’s cold outside.

4. Next, find the perfect shoe for your look.

No ensemble is complete without a little footwear. Boots, heels, and flats are all viable options—depending on the look you’ve thrown together.

5. Finally, throw on some accessories—or don’t.

Since Eko’s tool is here to help you assemble a Thanksgiving look on a budget, it keeps you capped at a $225 price point. (People with expensive taste and tight budgets, rejoice.) If you over-spend, it reigns you in. And it lets you know once you’ve maxed the $225 out, too. But if you end up with little wiggle room in your budget, you can top off your look with a necklace, some earrings or even a belt.

Once you’ve reached the end of the video, you’ll have a four- or five-piece outfit you can score for just $225. And you’ll have some personalized feedback from Nina Garcia, too. She’ll walk you through exactly what works (and what doesn’t work) about the look you’ve thrown together, and you can keep those tips in mind when you’re actually spending money on a Thanksgiving outfit. If only it were this easy to style outfits for every occasion (fall weddings — vague dress codes and all — you’re next on our list).

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