17 Genuinely Chic Decor Projects to DIY This Thanksgiving

Christina Petruzzi
17 Genuinely Chic Decor Projects to DIY This Thanksgiving
Photo: Practical and Pretty.

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of planning, time and—let’s be real—money. And I’m not just talking about the food. Creating a decadent feast is just the first step; prepping your house with rustic decor and filling it with cozy vibes is the second.

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Decorating can cost a pretty penny, but thankfully, it doesn’t have to. Pinterest is chock-full of decor DIYs you can tackle this month—and many of them are genuinely cute (read: not tacky). Because the last thing you want is to fill your home with a bunch of arts and crafts you don’t feel awesome about. (At that point, it’d almost be more worth it to shell out the extra bucks and save yourself the trouble.)

Now, if you think the genuinely cute Pinterest decor on offer is all pumpkin-spiced and cinnamon-covered, you’ve got another thing coming. Because while that is definitely on the menu (how could it not be?!), Pinterest has tons of other options for the host who prefers something sleek and modern—or kitschy and artistic.

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In other words, affordable DIY options for the host on a budget? Check. Affordable, genuinely cute DIY options for the chic AF host on a budget, no matter their aesthetic? Also check.

Ahead, 17 actually cute DIY Thanksgiving decor projects to tackle this season. Deck out your home, split your bill in half—and have some fun in the process, won’t ya?