Teyana Taylor’s New Green Hair Is Inspiring Major Envy

Teyana Taylor’s New Green Hair Is Inspiring Major Envy
Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images.

There’s a list of hair colors that we mere non-celebrities can only admire on stars because they’re just too risky. For some reason, when a celebrity dons electric-yellow hair they look powerful and fun, but when we do it, it’s like we’re a walking tennis ball. When we came across Teyana Taylor’s new green hair, we immediately thought this could be our new color until we realized our strands would probably end up looking like seaweed.

Yesterday, the 27-year-old singer took to Instagram to show off her new ‘do. She swings the hair back and forth and even with the grainy filter, we knew we loved it. However, when she posted an unedited photo earlier today of the hair in full effect, we actually turned slightly green with envy.

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Rather than basic green, Taylor’s hair is dyed a mix of emerald and teal with such a high shine we couldn’t believe she risked the look to play a game of soccer. Taylor is known to switch up her look, but we’re hoping she stays with this for awhile. It’s eye-catching and dynamic, but we truly think no one (most definitely including ourselves) could pull it off quite like her.