Teyana Taylor’s Fitspo Will Get You Through the Day

Teyana Taylor’s Fitspo Will Get You Through the Day

We all know Teyana Taylor is a fitness sensation for the ages. And in a new video, she really claims that title by dancing, writhing, and doing sit-ups all over a v fancy hotel room. (The sit-ups happen in bed, of course.)

In a well choreographed video for Vogue, Taylor—the muse of Kanye West, who stormed the scene when he debuted his video “Fade” at the VMAs last year—pulls off her formal wear and then proceeds to perform a high-intensity workout in her skivvies and a corset. (Same.) This is fitspo and just plain inspo at its finest—and just might manage to cheer you up on this, the most inauspicious of days.

img 1620 Teyana Taylors Fitspo Will Get You Through the Day

Photo: YouTube / Vogue

Photo: Vogue

Photo: YouTube / Vogue

Is that not the face of someone who absolutely here to get your spirits up?

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Plus, the whole thing is set to Stelios Phili’s “Lord Have Mercy,” and if you don’t know Phili yet, get ready. Trust us, this video is everything—and everything you need to get through this bleak day.

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