How to Test-Drive Your Wedding Ring Before Committing

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Test-drive a wedding band to gauge how it’ll look with that engagement ring? Genius! (Getty Images)

Given the pomp and circumstance that typically surrounds engagement rings, wedding bands often get the short end of the stick—most women consider them an afterthought or an obligatory purchase. One company is looking to change that, though, by offering a cool service that lets you test-drive wedding rings before committing. Genius!

Fine jewelry brand Amoro is encouraging shoppers customize up to three diamond bands online—you choose everything, right down to the price, size, and style—and creates exact replicas that get shipped to your door for $50. From there, you have five days to wear your potential wedding rings and decide if you’re ready to pull the trigger.

It might sound like another step in the arduous—and seemingly never-ending—process of wedding planning, but the company says the point is to get a full appreciation of a ring’s diamond size, proportions, and sense of how it looks alongside your engagement ring or solo.

After the trial days are done, you can either commit to buying the ring, get a refund, or test more styles.

It’s definitely a good idea, one that really should be applied to all things considered investment purchases (ahem Céline bags.)