Terry Richardson’s New Books Are A Family Affair

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Terry Richardson’s New Books Are A Family Affair
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Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss are just a few of the headline-making names that internationally renowned photographer Terry Richardson has shot in his lifetime.

Any guess as to who are the next heavy hitters in line to grace the lens for Terry?

Why, it would be good ol’ Mum and Dad, of course!

In Terry’s newest print publication MOM & DAD, the occasional NSFW photog takes a break from shooting models visiting his studio and his BFF Jared Leto to focus on a more intimate subject matter.

The two-book set features over 100 pages of colorfully candid snapshots of his mother and father that gives an inside glimpse into the background and family life that Terry came from.

MOM & DAD makes its debut in bookstores today from Mrel Books, with only a 1000 limited edition copies being printed.

For all the Terry fans out there, trust me when I say this is definitely an item you don’t want to miss out on!

For a preview of Terry Richardson’s MOM & DAD, take a browse through the slideshow above!

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