Terry Richardson Shoots New Equinox Campaign


It’s clear from Terry Richardson’s raw, provocative images that he’s seen some of the world’s hottest bodies both male and female in the buff. So, naturally, Equinox Fitness chose the controversial photographer to shoot its newest ad campaign, which captures you guessed it some of the world’s hottest bodies.

WWD reports that the Equinox ads, set to appear in January magazines, depict well toned models of both sexes incompromising positions. One particularly porno-chic shot captures a lady in lace undies (and, presumably a man’s shirt) surrounded by Polaroid close-ups of her nearly naked body.

Richardson’s campaigns definitely run the gamut from tame to titillating. For instance, his Fall 2010 ads for ALDO showed a super cute Jessica Stam dancing on a floor piano and posing on a jukebox, while his spots for Sisley the same season had Ashley Smith seductively handling a large cucumber and holding two gigantic cantaloupes to her chest.But, despite the overt sexiness, the hot bodies in the Equinox campaign will surely succeed in what they set out to do: Motivate us to get our butts to the gym!

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