Terry Richardson And A Shoe Fetish? Shocking?

Liz Doupnik

Terry Richardson has both feet firmly planted on the ground or something. We love the glimpse of one of his latest ad campaigns to come out for Aldo. We have to admit, we’re pretty stoked on the continuation of this relationship. There’s just something about a shoe fetish and Terry that makes utter and complete sense.

In any case, in true Terry form the new spring campaign is shot in all sorts of bright poppy colors and is full of (not so) subtle sexual innuendos, making us itch for some major open-toe action and for the warmer climate to hurry up already. Also we have to admit, we’re major fans of the sock and sandal action going on in the ad and video. It’s such a cute throwback to vintage looks — obviously once it’s warm enough to shed our tights and go bare, we’ll be rocking this look all the time.

Want more? Check out Anais Pouliot in the saucy video below doing a number on a popsicle. (Trust us, it’ll heat you up in no time).

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