Terry Richardson Proves He’s The Ultimate Oscar Statuette

Summer K

Following the news yesterday that celebrity photographer (and everyone’s favorite kooky uncle) Terry Richardson has an upcoming photo show at the OHWOW Gallery in Los Angeles, California, comes word that another “special” project may up his chances for being awarded the most “out there” photographer of the celebrity set.

While most Hollywood types just wait for the opportunity to grab a golden statuette, Terry has gone and made his own miniature-sized version of himself as an Oscar complete with his trademark glasses and classic “thumbs-up” pose. “We actually took him to a CGI lab for the scans. It’s detailed down to every one of his veins. It’s perfect,” explains Al Moran, co-founder of OhWow.

Impressive? Yes. Likely to grace the mantles of George Clooney and Meryl Streep? Probably not. But hey, we bet it’d make a swell birthday present for Jared Leto.