Terry Richardson & Jared Leto’s Bromance In Pictures

Spencer Cain
Terry Richardson & Jared Leto’s Bromance In Pictures
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If you are an avid viewer of Terry’s Diary Terry Richardsons blog where he shares pictures of the celebrities, fashionistas, and models he both shoots and fraternizes with — you know that some familiar faces pop up a lot. For example, Terry is clearly pals withChlo Sevigny and Justin Theroux, and he tends to work with gap toothed goddess Lindsey Wixson quite a bit.

However, one man’s time with Terry stands out most of all, since they clearly have a relationship beyond photographer and celebrity. That man is of course Jared Leto. Terry and Jared have traveled the world together, wreaking havoc at fashion week parties and goofing off around Europe with other heavy-hitters.

This unique bromance is truly my favorite in the industry, and it’s about time someone commemorated it. Please take a look at the gallery above for a glimpse at the hilarious antics that happen when these BFFs get together. There’s everything from tea parties to Terry taking pictures of Jared peeing. Seriously. Something for everyone!

Photos via Terry’s Diary