Terralina Moisturizes Faces and Brightens Rooms

Rachel Adler

There’s just something about summer nights that draws me to candlelight. Some people buy bikinis– others summer dresses– I buy little candles to put all over my apartment and light whenever it’s a perfectly cool summer night.

The beauty line Terralina has found a way to quench my summer candle thirst, and recycle their facial moisturizer tins all in one. When you purchase a tub of Terralina’s Facial Moisturizer, which is a hydrating cream that contains lupine protein to stop the breakdown of collagen, you also receive a soy wax tea light candle. Why you ask? Well, when you use all of your moisturizer, the tea light tucks perfectly into the frosted glass jar and makes for a pretty little votive.

Sounds to me like a perfectly good excuse for a new facial moisturizer. It’s eco-friendly, and there’s a bonus gift! Purchase the facial moisturizer, $42, at www.terralina.com.