Terra Plana Reaches New Heel Heights


Terra Plana makes a darn fine shoe. The UK-based sustainable footwear company has been doing their thing for some time now, but thanks to the Melito shoe and Maria Menounos, they’ve taken things to a whole new level.

Recently, at Hearst magazine’s The Daily Green annual Heart of Green Awards, one recipient caught my eye. Maria Menounos stood out among the esteemed group of recipients, not so much for what she said in her speech, but for her footwear. She was definitely wearing Terra Plana shoes, the shape of the pump told me so, but what was the incredible stitching situation and color scheme I was witnessing? In all my visits to Terra Plana’s Elizabeth Street store, how had I missed this shoe?

As it turned out, she was wearing their new style. While it still had all of the classic Terra Plana eco credentials (chrome free and veggie dyed leather, memory foam made from recycled materials and a partially recycled sole) the Melito’s Rawlings baseball-esque stitching and gnarly two tone pink and tan coloration made for the edgiest but girliest Terra Plana shoes ever. Yes, ever.

Even as a staunch flat devotee, I had to get a pair. The quilted Melitos (made from recycled quilts from Pakistan) called to me, but I had to go with the style that had inspired me from the start, the Maria Menounos style. The memory foam makes the shoes wildly comfortabe. And, a little extra padding under the ball of the foot helps alleviate the 4.5 inch heel height. A tip from the road test: I suggest buying a half-size larger than usual.

To see more Terra Plana styles, visit their brick and mortar store in NYC (260 Elizabeth Street in Soho) and the online shop.


The shoes, in action!